Philosophically speaking…

Skin Guru our stance ‘being sold a crock’:
For too long we have been treated like idiots, being sold an unattainable image of beauty. Our bathroom cabinets are bursting with lotions and potions that promise to take years off our faces. As well as forcing us to harbour unrealistic expectations about the results, we’ve also been conditioned to ignore the side effects and health costs.

As modern women, of all ages, we are not stupid.  If something is proven to contain an element that is harmful to our health, we generally avoid it.  Yet the industry leaders in skincare beauty products spend millions on spin and semantics to ensure that we never are truly educated as to their ingredients and the damage they can cause.

Skin Guru our stance on chemicals in our skin care and body products:
Are you sick of being told “You’re worth it” from a corporation that doesn’t actually care if the ingredients in their products are harming their customers? We are!

At Skin Guru, we simplify your beauty routine. Demystify the ingredients in your products, what’s good, what’s bad. We don’t use 14 year olds, tiny sample size research with large % positive feedback or celebrities paid thousands to promote and sell our products.

Skin Guru our stance on oils:
Oil based products, such as our Cleansing Oil and Facial Serum, don’t contain water and are less prone to bacteria contamination, which eliminates need for preservatives.

Here at Skin Guru Organics we embrace the holistic way to beautiful skin and overall health, taking into account the importance of other factors, such as diet, relaxation and lifestyle.

Skin Guru our stance on the largest human organ of our body:
Our skin is the largest human organ of the body and absorbs 60% of all that is put onto it. Just about everything you put on your skin finds its way internally, making it vitally important that only the highest quality, natural ingredients should be used when making skin care products.

Clinical studies have proven that ingredients such as Parabens are absorbed by our skin and contribute to ill health.

Just as you take great care when deciding what to wear and what to eat, you should also be as careful when choosing your skin care products. Remember it wasn’t that long ago that smoking was thought to be safe!

Read the labels carefully and make sure there are no nasty toxic ingredients that could potentially damage your skin and your health.

Skin Guru on the Environment:
We aim to reduce unnecessary packaging, using recyclable materials that will not have a negative impact on the environment.

With that goal in mind, we aim to:

  • Source natural, organic, sustainably harvested, renewable, pure raw materials for our products
  • Strive to ensure materials, ingredients, and packaging used in our products have a low carbon footprint
  • Keep toxins in our packaging to the minimum
  • Commit to dramatically reducing petroleum-based plastic in our packaging
  • Use re-usable packaging, recycled shipping material, & fully recyclable pillow pack materials

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