Inspire Candle


Here at SkinGuru we are always burning candles. To help us concentrate, celebrate, bath time, dinner time or just some ‘me time’. We luuuuv them!

The wax we use in our candles is a natural wax blend, made of 100% vegetable oil. It contains no paraffin wax or palm wax. Kind to your lungs and the environment!

Made in the UK. Ecowax. Synthetic Free. Fair trade. Cruelty Free.




Ambience Candle

What we don’t love is the noxious fumes and soot produced by most scented candles (even the top of the range ones) that have been proven to be dangerous for your health by scientists, who have tested them rigorously.

Did you know burning some candles can be as dangerous as smoking?!

Eh, no thanks!

So we have made our own. It’s taken a while, but we wanted to get it right. Our list of what we wanted was long and we didn’t compromise.

We have created the purest, environmentally kind candles we possibly could, that burn for hours…..and they smell Divine

Our ‘Inspire’ candle is an ambient candle that is a gorgeous fusion of our favourite fragrances. blackcurrant, fig leaves and Sicilian lemon with a floral heart of rose, iris, geranium, tuberose & violet with the undertones of sandalwood and sheer musks. A luxurious candle to fragrance your home without the usual nasties most other candles contain.


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