So I decided I needed to concoct a potion to put in my bath, as for some reason my skin was feeling itchy and irritated (could have been washing powder!) It had to be soothing, moisturising and smell divine, plus be easy to make and completely natural.

So into the kitchen pantry and I got 2 tablespoons oatmeal (or porridge), 1 muslin square cloth an elastic band, and any oil of your choice, I chose 1 tablespoon grapeseed oil with 5 drops of rose essential oil. Place the oatmeal in the middle of the muslin square, gather the corners and secure with elastic band, ensure there are no gaps for oatmeal to escape,( if you can get a muslin bag even better), secure the pouch to the tap so that the water runs through the pouch.

Run your bath and add your oil mixture under the running tap so it disperses into the water. Once you are in the bath, you can untie the oatmeal pouch from the tap (keep secure with elastic band), and rub the pouch all over the skin, coating it with the oatmeal milky residue. Then just lie back and relax and let your skin soak up the amazing soothing properties in the water! This is especially good for babies and children who suffer from childhood eczema, just leave out the oils as it makes them a bit too slippery in the bath!!

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