I am asked all the time “what is the most important thing I should do for my skin?”, and the answer is always, “cleanse thoroughly!”. There is no point in slathering any product, whether it be cream, lotion, cheap or expensive onto your skin if you haven’t prepared it beforehand. The usual methods of cleansing just don’t cut it! And above all else don’t use face wipes! Not only are they full of chemicals, they just don’t do the job properly, they skim over the surface of the skin, only removing surface grime and make up. So what do you use to cleanse your skin?

Cleansing Oil. Using a natural cleansing oil is THE best way to remove all traces of accumulated dirt and make up. Trust me over the many years I have been giving clients facials, I have tried everything available and using a cleansing oil is by far the most thorough method. Why is it best?

  1. It helps to regulate natural oil production of the skin. When you use detergent based or chemical cleansers, they strip your skin of natural oils, so the skin over compensates producing more oil!
  2. Oil dissolves oil. When you cleanse with oil it naturally breaks down the dirt trapped in your pores allowing it to be removed instead of clogging your pores.
  3. Natural botanical oils contain anti bacterial and healing properties which help prevent breakouts.
  4. The natural oils are rich in nourishing phytonutrients which have amazing benefits on your skin, helping to heal acne scars and fight free radicals that cause ageing.

I challenge you to use Facial Cleansing oil for at least a month and be prepared to be amazed! You’ll never use face wipes again.

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