Our Story So Far…

Skin Guru was established in Glasgow in 2012. Our purpose is to formulate organic, natural and finest quality skin and body care products along with home fragrances that nourish and inspire; we research widely to source oil and plant-based and laboratory-made ingredients, using only those that are natural, organic and with a proven record of safety and efficacy. We currently provide our products on-line. Alongside our commercial activities, we explore and support the wider aspects of wellbeing via yoga, meditation and mindfulness as avenues through which to inspire, learn and personal growth and development. We are headquartered in Glasgow, our intention is to promote and grow our products across the globe.

Lorraine (aka the Skin Guru)
Skin Guru Organics was the result of my dream to develop my own organic, natural skin care and body range consisting of wholesome, yet effective natural ingredients. My interest began fifteen years ago while working for a globally recognised cosmetic and skincare company. The more I looked into the ingredients list of these and other skin care products, the more I became determined to enlighten the public as to the toxicity of these chemical cocktails which were being sold under the guise of ‘beauty products’.

I was horrified to discover that not only were the ingredients in the products mainly toxic, but some were even linked to cancer and other health problems. Did you know that studies have linked Parabens to?

Cancer, Neurotoxicity, Hormone disruption & Skin irritations And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

It’s my aim to offer transparency with my skincare and body products, providing you, the buyer and user, with confidence every time.  I listen to my customers, what they want, their concerns and problems, and ensure that Skin Guru goes the extra mile to help them all look and feel amazing!

Julie (aka the customer who invested)
I was a customer – during my regular cosmetic shopping trips where I would buy anything that promised eternal youth and beauty. I would always, without fail, go to Lorraine (who happens to be my neighbour) and pick up my wee bottle of ‘magic serum’. It was a product beyond ‘fads’, it cost a quarter of the price, got great results and I wouldn’t be without it.

One day Lorraine asked me if I knew what was in the other products in my shopping bags (all the usual big brands). I said ‘No’. She proceeded to educate me. From that moment I was signed up for the transition from chemicals to natural and organic – particularly as I knew these products got results. There began our journey to take Skin Guru from Lorraine’s kitchen to the high street.

Katrine (their skin was so good I wanted in too)
I am a successful entrepreneur and qualified accountant and a lover of all things beautiful. Skin Guru products are gorgeous, glamorous and effective and I could see every reason for the business to grow and be successful so I decided to sign up. Julie and I had worked together previously and over a few social dinners, where I noticed her glowing skin, she shared that she had invested in Skin Guru. I was immediately interested in the potential of the products and the business. A few months later I signed up!

Skin Guru

Our Values

We are working towards having our products contain 100% natural and organic ingredients.

We aim to reduce unnecessary packaging, using recyclable materials that will not have a negative impact on the environment. Skin Guru’s ingredients being from ethical and fair trade sources.


Sharing our knowledge, learning together, empowering informed decisions.


Keeping it simple, no complicated confusing jargon.


Being honest, ethical and transparent in our approach to skin care.


The ingredients we use and the way we care for you.

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